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Most large medical facilities, namely hospitals, have to carry medical malpractice insurance of their own. They can often apply these policies to the risks faced both by the facility and those employed within. What can those in facility management do to ensure that all relevant employees receive malpractice coverage appropriately?

The good news is that malpractice insurance can apply to almost any medical care provider within the hospital setting. However, this doesn’t mean that those employees can’t choose to go their own ways with their own coverage. Regardless of how employees choose to insure themselves, it’s important to make sure that they do always have it. Keep detailed records of coverage for all relevant employees.


Medical malpractice insurance is professional liability insurance. Professional liability policies apply to the losses of other people caused by business mistakes or professional services. Medical malpractice insurance is specific to the health care industry, and applies when doctors and others cause harm to other people in the course of their services.


Suppose that a physician misdiagnoses someone’s illness after overlooking clear signs that point to another condition. In this case, they might cause the patient incalculable amounts of time and money lost treating a problem that was incorrect. As a result, the patient might sue the doctor for the mistake. Malpractice insurance exists to help the physician respond to the client’s claims. It might help them reach a settlement for the damage they caused, and it can help the doctor cover their own legal costs in responding to the claims.

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Doctors who practice exclusively within your facility will know that they will have this coverage any time they are doing work on the hospital’s behalf. It’s important to ensure that coverage provides enough protection for even those within the most-specific lines of care, like surgeons. Keep in mind, any type of physician might need coverage, including physicians assistants (PAs).

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