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AIV Group Provides Clarity

In the complicated world of Commercial Insurance, clarity is a very valuable commodity for a business owner. Why? Because it allows you to get back to what you are good at: Running your business.

Sonali Shah founded AIV Group in 2010 to better focus their decades of experience in the commercial insurance industry on serving the unique needs of the Asian community.

AIV Group has a deep understanding of all aspects of Property and Casualty Insurance and a level of service that results in unusually long relationships with their clients.

Simply put, their approach to risk management is to insure their client's properties as if they were their own.

Areas of Expertise


There are unique challenges to properly insuring a hospitality property. Complicated ownership/partnership issues, state specific compliance requirements, leasing of restaurant or nightclub facilities to third parties, the list goes on.

We have created literally hundreds of policies for hotels of every size. From 50 room independently-owned facilities to the largest franchise names in the business, and everything in between.

You can rest assured that we bring decades of experience in the Hospitality Insurance Industry to bear in making sure that your properties have the right coverages at the right price.

Real Estate

We have a long track record of partnering with our clients to create a highly individualized approach to the risk management of their Real Estate properties.

Often the most important item when it comes to properly insuring a property is time. By spending all the time necessary to ask the right questions, we develop a 360 degree approach to protecting you against any foreseeable eventuality while keeping your bottom line in mind.


Our Professional Services clients are facing unique challenges today. From the ever changing  regulatory and insurance requirements to the challenges of today's economic environment.

We help our clients in the Legal, Medical, and Financial fields achieve peace-of-mind by making sure their insurable interests are covered in the best possible manner. And nothing gives us as much satisfaction as giving clients one less thing to worry about.


Retail insurance is a broad area of the commercial insurance world and the businesses that fall into this category are as individual as their owners. That said, finding an insurance agency that will take the time to talk to you about the unique needs of your retail business is essential. What kinds of coverages are required in your state for your type of business? Do your employees make deliveries? Is your inventory perishable?

We have the experience protecting the assets of a wide variety of retail clients. From owners of multiple national franchises with locations spanning several states, to single location sole proprietor businesses. Big or small, the one thing our considerable experience handling retail clients has taught us is that no two are the same.

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